“I had the pleasuring of partnering with Sibel Babacan as my mentor coach in conjunction with my ICF credential renewal. It was an invaluable experience. Sibel is an extremely talented coach. She is an empathetic listener and a highly effective communicator who uses her heart, head and intuition in each coaching session. My awareness was significantly raised due to her ability to challenge me. I have gained greater insight and feel that I have become a better coach thanks to Sibel. She is extremely principled and demonstrates high integrity in all of her actions.
I highly recommend Sibel Babacan to any coach who aspires to become an even better coach.”

Sal Tocco, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP, Executive Coach, Aim High Leadership

“Sibel is simply incredible. In a world where people might offer you the bare minimum to get you to your destination (mine was to get a credential from the International Coaching Federation), she works hard, and with deep love and wisdom, to support you, the whole person, to not only hit your goals but to become a better coach and human being. In my case, I not only built the foundation for a solid and impactful coaching practice, I learned how to truly hold someone in your heart, for that is what she does so genuinely. Anyone who is able to benefit from her labor of love is a lucky person and will come out transformed. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Anubha Kothari, Ph.D., ACC

As a coach, Sibel helped me see the difference between managing and coaching and the respective roles for each and how they can intertwine and individually are powerful. In addition, she helped me look at and align my personal and personal goals.

Jon S., IT Manager/Leader

Sibel, thank you for successfully taking me through the year-long coaching certification journey @ CTI & ICF!  You were always supportive, warm, encouraging, flexible and extremely responsive in-between sessions which I truly appreciated. I always felt uplifted after each of our sessions and came away believing in myself as a coach.  I appreciate your mastery of the CTI program requirements and how we were able to practice various approaches on the fly.  I admire skillfulness, detail and usefulness of the feedback you provided me with on my coaching.  When I think of you, the words “giving”, “heart”, “preparedness”, “skill”, “continuous learning”, “going an extra mile” come to mind.  You are very connected to the coaching community, always learning and thus you have been able to draw on various resources whenever I’ve had practical questions on a variety of subjects.   I would hire you again as a coach and highly recommend you to those looking for a coach.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your contribution into my coaching & personal growth journey. 

Magda E., J.D., CPA, CPCC, ACC 

“I chose Sibel as my Mentor Coach in order to increase my productivity during my professional training and transition to coaching. I really enjoyed the way Sibel coached me. She was welcoming and deeply present to any kind of topic, and this deep listening and acceptance were already very liberating. Sibel’s supportive and challenging attitude helped me to open new doors in myself and around me, to reach some important goals and to set new landmarks in my changing world. Thank you Sibel!”

Vilma Narkute, CPCC, Professional Coach, Paris, France

“Sibel is a wonderful resource and is spreading true light in the world. She is incredibly smart, perceptive, warm and playful, and those traits combine to make her an impactful coach. I worked with Sibel while I was going through my own coach training and building my coaching business. As Sibel coached and mentored me during the process, she called me out when I was playing small, and encouraged me to live my purpose. I looked forward to our calls each time, and felt that she articulated incredibly important realizations for me that will serve me for a very long time. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a mentor in the coaching business, or to anyone who is looking for support and accountability during a life transition. Thank you Sibel!”

Marissa Jacobs, CPCC, Professional Life/Career Coach

“Sibel is pure magic and a masterful, five-star coach. She drives to the heart of the matter while gently introducing humor and perspective in the coaching sessions. Sibel is warmly engaging with razor-sharp insight. Her coaching style is courageous and empowering. She listens so carefully that every breath, and every shift in the tone of voice is noted. This extraordinary listening allows clients to see themselves. When we can see ourselves, we can see what we are called to do. I worked with her while I was renewing my ICF credential. I will refer Sibel and will hire her again. I highly recommend her. 

Sarah Pierson, CPCC, PCC

“Sibel was one of my coaches as I was going through CTI certification training. I needed a coach who is well grounded, fun, playful, organized and has unlimited capacity for love and compassion toward the client.. and Sibel was all that and more!! She was always able to hold me in high regard and push me at the same time. I was challenged and loved in all sessions and through email support in between. She helped me strengthen my muscle of accessing my inner leader and diminishing saboteur voices in my head. I will be forever grateful!” 

Julia Borgan, CPCC

“Hiring Sibel Babacan as my coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. From our very first session I developed a deeper awareness of my true self, what matters most to me, what I want out of life, and the purpose I am here to fulfill. One aspect of Sibel that really stood out to me was her intuitive awareness. I was repeatedly blown away by her intuitive insights about my life which proved accurate time after time and which ultimately led me to make several life-changing decisions. I also appreciated Sibel’s warm, empathic, compassionate nature. It was very clear that she truly cares which made me feel nurtured and supported throughout our journey together. Sibel’s coaching has contributed immensely to my growth as a person. Not only has my self-awareness grown exponentially, Sibel also helped me to find the courage to start creating a life that’s in alignment with what’s most important to me. I am now living life with more clarity, purpose, passion and courage. Needless to say, Sibel has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. For this reason, I would highly recommend Sibel’s coaching to anybody interested in living their best lives.”

Conor S., Life Coach

“I have known Sibel Babacan for several years in many different capacities. What is unique about Sibel is that she is consistently genuine in every aspect of her life. She walks the life she teaches. It is a rare quality to find someone with such great integrity. Sibel is a warm, smart and thoughtful coach. She is equally encouraging and challenging when needed. Sibel helped me get clear, find my backbone, and create a specific plan around a stressful decision I had to make. With her help and support, I felt completely prepared to move forward. Thanks Sibel!”

Heather Poduska, Business Coach and Branding Consultant

“Sibel is a highly intuitive and courageous coach whose guidance and presence helped me to stand up and speak up as my best self. I very much appreciated Sibel’s compassionate wisdom, her belief in me and her stellar mentor coaching skills. She pushed me, stretched me, encouraged me and held me when I needed it. She has been an excellent role model for me as well as a coach. Sibel’s coaching has made a significant impact and I am grateful.”

Jessica C, CPCC, Life and Leadership Coach

“Sibel is an amazing force of life – you can feel her energy and investment in your transformation always. She is also compassionate, insightful, and will really see you. Pushing you to expand those parts of yourself that are hidden away, she creates a connection that makes you excited to grow. Her energy is contagious and she is impossible not to connect with!”

Melissa W., CPCC, Boston

“I live in France and I started to be coached by Coach Sibel through Skype a few months ago. Sibel really helped me to clarify the way I wanted to reach my goals. With her, I found very concrete solutions. What I appreciated most about her coaching was the safe, non judgmental zone she offered me. With her, everything seemed possible. When I started our coaching, I was embarking on a new career journey and I didn’t know in which direction to go. Sibel helped me find the courage I always had to open all the doors available and close the ones that didn’t serve me. She gave me self confidence and all the support I needed to succeed. Now, 6 months later, I can make a living with that new career. Thank you so much Sibel!”

Isabelle Bres, Paris, France

“I worked with Sibel as a career coach for 5 months. I had no idea which career direction I wanted to go. Sibel helped me identify my personal and professional goals and to weigh each opportunity with those in mind. I have the job of a lifetime and am so happy. Sibel was amazing and I would recommend her services to everyone!”

Susannah Hann, RN, Health Coach

“Sibel is wonderfully professional to work with. She is a great listener and can pull your inner thoughts from what seems like a simple statement. We worked together to identify my core values in life. It seemed like it should have been a simple exercise, but it wasn’t. Working through this with Sibel helped me explore and understand the things that are really important to me, and now I can check that I am staying true to my core values with everything that I do. I would recommend Sibel highly!”

D.M., Boston, MA

“Over the years I have worked with Sibel on a number of occasions, especially when I felt totally stuck with some issues in my life. As my Coach, Sibel helped me identify my inner strengths and challenged me to use these strengths when I thought I could not. She has always been very supportive and empathetic. Her coaching brought me back to my core and gave me clarity when I was lost in the swirling of thoughts. During our coaching, I felt safe, heard and seen. She was tough and caring at the same time, and that was exactly what I needed. When I look back, I realize what a long way I have come since we started working together. Sibel really knows how to inspire her clients. I highly recommend her as an excellent Life Coach!”

Lawyer & Mother in Career/Life Transition, Metrowest Boston

“I first met Sibel two years ago through a women’s group we were starting. Sibel’s clarity, energy, warmth, confidence, and zest for learning all struck me then, and they continue to strike me now. In the group’s monthly meetings, Sibel listens intently and has a powerful, targeted question for every person who speaks. She models confidence and clarity, and it rubs off on those around her. She also helps keep us organized and provides quiet leadership. Outside the group, I hired Sibel as an organizer coach last fall to help me with an office move. In our three sessions, she helped me to make fundamental changes in the way I view organization. Her suggestions were simple, practical and inexpensive. Just having her with me, either in person or on the phone, helped keep me on track and learn new habits. I think of her often now when I open the file cabinet and easily retrieve whatever I need, and I have recommended her to clients seeking targeted organization expertise. Sibel goes beyond that, too – she really does help clear your mind and lets you believe in yourself. I highly recommend her.”

Dorothy Bisbee, JD, CPCC, Academic/Life Coach and Learning Specialist

“Sibel is wonderful to work with. She asks really important questions that make me think, and gives excellent suggestions. She has given me the tools I need to recognize my inner wisdom that I have always had. I am more aware of my strengths, power and high self esteem. I always feel really good after each session with her. I am thankful for her guidance and wisdom. She challenges me and helps me recognize the confident person I am.”

Nancy, San Diego, CA

“Sibel,  I want to take a moment and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! Your involvement in my life has been an amazing gift and I am thankful to the universe for connecting us. You have been an integral part of my development and growth over these past few months. I have accomplished many things that were previously road blocks. And the best thing is that my thinking is changing to where I’m believing in myself more and more. What a gift. I am regularly impressed by your ability and willingness to hear the nuances in my voice and ask about them. I was telling a friend about you recently and they were skeptical about telephone coaching, just as I initially was. I found myself telling them how great it’s been…thanks again.”

Tim M. Licensed Family Counselor and Father of Two

“What impresses me most about Sibel is how she is able to be effective with a truly wide range of organizational tasks—from really big-picture challenges, such as helping me pinpoint my key life goals, to the minutia of everyday life—making my daily “To Do” list work better, for instance. During our coaching on time (life) management strategies, she kept me focused and in mind of the big picture. Her suggestions grow out of careful listening rather than generic or pat solutions, which is what I think makes them really stick!”

A. S. Aronson, Entrepreneur/Business Owner, Cambridge, MA

“I began working with Sibel last year to help me achieve some professional and personal goals that had, thus far, remained elusive. Sibel is caring, insightful, dedicated, and collaborative. In other words, she is exactly the person that you want on your side when you’re trying to achieve something meaningful. She has helped clarify my priorities, break down my projects into achievable parts, and encouraged me every step of the way. She also reminds me of the bigger picture, and can tell, just from my voice on the phone, whether things are bothering me or compelling me, and is always ready to push me in the direction of finding success doing something that I love. Sibel is a treasure, and if you are trying to accomplish something difficult, want to change unhealthy patterns, or just need someone by your side to take that next step in your personal life or career, I could not recommend her more highly.”

L.W., Entertainment Writer-Producer

“Sibel’s workshops are well-organized and thought-provoking. She is warm and friendly, but not afraid to ask you the tough questions. Sibel really got me to think about my life and work in a different way and gave me some much-needed clarity about what I should be doing at this point in my life. She has a true gift for helping people.”

AMD, Natick,MA

“My coaching sessions with Sibel helped me tremendously in clarifying and then focusing on what is important to me in life, not only my personal life but also my career. Sibel challenged me by asking tough questions and leading me through various exercises. Together we were able to figure out my core values and priorities. She also helped me define my own definition of balance between family and work that feels comfortable and doable for me, which I greatly appreciated.”

Sandra Klee, Licensed Massage Therapist

“Sibel was great to work with, and I highly recommend her. She has a special gift for life-coaching. I really appreciated her “can-do” attitude and that she was my cheerleader and saw the best in me. She helped me look at challenges in a new way, and I’ve learned skills that I’ll use over and over again.”

Lorena P., Business Owner

“Sibel is very smart, creative, open minded, and comforting. She has an excellent way of listening her clients and giving them feedback to help them realize what their real concern is. She performs this by listening carefully and asking the questions that the client maybe had never asked before to his/herself. Those critical questions help client to be aware of the real issues. She also creates a very natural and comfortable atmosphere for her clients so that they can freely communicate their feelings.”

Didem Lenz, Ph.D. Engineer, Beijing, China

“I credit Sibel’s coaching skills to help land a fantastic part-time job. With her guidance I was able to identify key criteria for my ideal job. Having such a clear picture of what I truly wanted helped me process my options and ultimately led me to a great position that fulfills my career goals and addressed my work-life balance concerns. Thank You Sibel!”

Julie F.

“Sibel’s passion and the energy she devotes to her work and her clients are infectious. So glad she is working with people! Sibel has compassion, understanding and gentleness without excluding toughness. She can look at things right in the eye and ask tough questions and get her clients unstuck. Sibel can pull from her wealth of knowledge and provide brilliant observations and insights, or, she can be fully in the moment and dance with the flow of energy that is present. She is an inspiring, empowering, motivating and encouraging coach. I am grateful to know Sibel and honored that she is in my life.”

Peer Coach Feedback/360 Assesment

“Sibel is deeply rooted in helping people examine their priorities and needs. The role of a life coach seems so natural to her personality. I found the exercises we worked on as a group to be very thought provoking and helped shift my thinking in new directions. I would highly recommend her.”

Rachel L (Mother of 3 in Framingham) and Workshop Participant

“Sibel is a talented life coach and an attentive professional. She helped me rebuild my self-confidence to achieve several goals of mine which at that time seemed out of my reach. After her sessions and insightful recommendations, I started to look at my challenges with a different perspective. She made it easier to tackle each goal and provided many fun tools and strategies to help me grow along the way as well as to rediscover my inner strength and skills. I highly recommend her and I look forward to continuing my sessions.”

A Mother of Two from Northborough, MA

“I started working with Sibel last year when I needed help getting focused on both personal and career goals. She immediately got me working on clarifying my core values and ideas, and then nudged me gently into finding ways to turn these ideas into a happy working reality. Sibel is keenly perceptive and never fails to hear in my voice what I often can’t hear myself. She is endlessly kind and supportive, and best of all, she infuses joy into everything she does. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

Kathleen N., Graduate Student

On Balancing Act Workshop

“We would like to thank Certified Professional Life Coach Sibel Babacan, Ph.D., CPCC, for coming out to Natick to lead a wonderful workshop on the subject of perennial interest to us mothers – finding balance in our lives. We had a great turnout. Sibel’s presentation was top notch, as always, and she facilitated an excellent discussion among the participants. She challenged us to really think about what balance means to each of us, and to begin to view our lives through a more realistic, yet compassionate, lens. It was a very positive learning experience for all who came.”

Heather Ostendorff-Bach & Marjorie Solomon, Net-Working Mothers Co-Leaders

“The workshop was thought provoking & I appreciated Sibel’s good time management.” Kate S.

“This workshop was very helpful and clear. I enjoyed it very much.” Angela

“I found the worksheet Sibel prepared very helpful.” Participant

“Excellent job. Perfect timing with a good set of questions to get us/me thinking.” Eleanor Loiacono

“This was a great and very thoughtful workshop.” Jenn M.

“Sibel, what luck I had being matched with you at the conference as my Coach. I was so thrilled to work with you for the short time that we had. After I left that afternoon, I had a new clarity about needing to become unstuck and try finish my resume and find a great new position. So thank you for your time and thoughtfulness. I have already taken steps forward.”

Mentor-Coach Program Participant, Massachusetts Conference for Women 2012

On Adjusting to Life’s Trajectory Workshop

“Once again, you helped me organize my thoughts and feelings and realize that I have the power and choice within me, Sibel. Thank you!” Sheila Camerini

“I enjoyed Sibel’s workshop very much. It modeled a good process for examining and acting on any of life’s changes.” Rebecca

“Thank you Sibel. This was very interesting and informative & helped me be more conscious about my feelings of worry and uneasiness about change and how I have the power to not worry about the things I can not change but be present and happy in the moment instead.” ChiHae Leonard

“Sibel, you provided a lot of food for thought in this workshop. Thank you.” Dana

“It was so inspiring and empowering to sort out what is holding you back, naming your fears, listing things you are grateful for and ending with three specific manageable actions!” Susannah Hann

“This was a very helpful, interactive exercise. It made defining the problem and coming up with healthy strategies possible.” Heather O Bach

“It was very helpful to take the time to focus on the opportunity in front of me. It inspired me to take advantage of it. Sibel is very good at staying in the moment and working with what participants share. Thank you, Sibel!” Workshop Participant